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Casanova Brown

Street Date:
January 23rd, 2018
Movie Release Year:
94 Minutes
Release Country
United States
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Comedy, Romance


Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Frank Morgan, Anita Louise, and Edmund Breon


Sam Wood

Plot Synopsis:

Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright star in this "thoroughly appealing romantic comedy" (Harrison's Reports) about a most unusual mix-up. "Brilliantly produced and written by Nunnally Johnson and skillfully directed by Sam Wood," (The Hollywood Reporter), Casanova Brown also features a fine supporting cast that included Frank Morgan (the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz)!

Cooper stars as Casanova Brown, a small-town professor who steals his own baby when he learns his estranged wife (Wright), who is planning to remarry, is intent on putting the child up for adoption. Cooper hides out in a hotel and attempts to care for the baby, which makes for some hysterically funny shenanigans as he learns a quick lesson in diapers and formulas. As if that's not enough, while he's playing daddy - and mommy(!) - his fiancee (Anita Louise) is waiting for him at the altar! Cinematography by John F. Seitz (Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity).