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Release Date: February 3rd, 2023 Movie Release Year: 2023

80 For Brady - Film Review

Overview -

There's a ton of talent behind the new comedy 80 For Brady which follows four 80-year-old women who take their friendship on the road to the Super Bowl in order to catch a glimpse of their hero Tom Brady. Despite the four legendary actresses onscreen and the wealth of fun cameos throughout the film, this movie is so full of cheese and corn that it becomes cringe-worthy. While it's great to see the brilliant actresses on screen have a blast, there's no way anybody should pay to see this on the big screen. Wait for Streaming!


Worth a Look
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Release Date:
February 3rd, 2023

Storyline: Our Reviewer's Take


Having Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field adventure to a Super Bowl to see the Patriots play in that infamous game against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI is fun. All of their serious and dramatic roles are left on the back burner in order for them to get into hijinks and trouble of a mild sort that might only appeal to a certain age demographic. And with having writers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern penning the script after their hit film Booksmart was such a success seemed like the right move. Well, it wasn't, because this has to be one of the worst, cringe-inducing screenplays ever written where every bit of cheesiness is poured over a rather sweet and endearing story. It's not entirely known what went wrong where, but it did in a big way. And with director Kyle Marvin (The Climb) sitting in the director's chair, it looked like just a chance to work with these four actresses and collect a paycheck, because Climb had weight, emotion, and wonderful visuals, unlike 80 For Brady

It's not all lost though as this real-life story has some great emotional tones to it. The execution is what killed it though. Four long-time friends Lou, Trish, Maura, and Betty (Tomlin, Fonda, Moreno, and Field respectively) have been watching the Patriots for decades and all have fallen in love with Tom Brady. After some serious news, the women decide to head to the Super Bowl, because who knows what time will do to their health. Once they're in Houston, Texas, the four women end up at a celebrity-filled party, high on drugs, competing in a wing-eating contest, and running from cops and security, only to hope that their tickets get them access to the game. Each and every sequence seems like a comedy sketch, but there are almost no stakes or any real thrills that happen. Sure, some comical moments occur on screen that includes Eyes Wide Shut references and some cameos, but other than that, this movie rushes everything, leaving out any sort of real development to care about any of these characters. 

It's easy to see why so many celebrities joined the movie to be on screen with these women, including Billy Porter, Rob Corddry, Alex Moffat, Guy Fieri in a large role, Harry Hamlin, Bob Balaban, Sara Gilbert, Jimmy O. Yang, Run Funches, Patton Oswalt, Retta, Andy Richter, and even Marc Rebillet. While it's certainly fun to point at the screen and recognize these fan-favorite actors, most of them serve no purpose other than to be a name on-screen working with one of the four legends. Again, it must have been a ball to work on this movie and it's easy to see how much fun everyone had, but at the end of the day, it's quite difficult to get through due to the horrifyingly bad script. 

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Final Thoughts

Patriots players do show up, mostly towards the end of the film, but Tom Brady shows up the most in the form of hallucinations and pep talks that are so bad that one might want to cover their eyes and curl in the fetal position in embarrassment. There's nothing really memorable about the film other than during the credits, the real women are shown, which gives the movie its much-needed charm. 80 For Brady could have been much better, but instead, it's rushed and never fulfills that comedic stride it wants. But personally, seeing Tom Brady in this movie and his current season and second retirement puts a smile on most people's faces. Don't pay to see this movie, but wait for streaming to watch these four women dance with Marc Rebillet. Wait For Streaming!