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First Three Titles in Criterion's Janus Contemporaries Lineup Announced

As previously reported, The Criterion Collection and Janus Films are teaming up to produce a new series of Blu-rays. The first three are coming this October are all from 2022: Jerzy Skolimowski's EO, Jafar Panahi's No Bears, and Louis Garrel' The Innocent.

EO - Janus Contemporaries 

EO - Janus Contemporaries 

Legendary director Jerzy Skolimowski created one of his freest and most visually inventive films yet with this story of a gray donkey named EO. After being removed from an itinerant circus, EO begins a trek across the countryside, experiencing cruelty and kindness from a cast of characters including an Italian countess (Isabelle Huppert) and a Polish soccer team. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature, and featuring stunning cinematography by Michał Dymek coupled with Paweł Mykietyn’s resonant score, EO presents the follies and triumphs of humankind from the perspective of its four-legged protagonist on a quest for freedom.


  • The Making of “EO,” a new conversation with writer-director Jerzy Skolimowski and writer-producer Ewa Piaskowska
  • PLUS: All the Donkeys, an introduction to the six Sardinian donkeys who play EO
  • Trailer

No Bears - Janus Contemporaries 

No Bears - Janus Contemporaries 

One of the world’s great cinema artists, Jafar Panahi has been carefully crafting self-reflexive works about artistic, personal, and political freedom for the past three decades, despite being banned from filmmaking by the Iranian government since 2010. In No Bears—completed shortly before his imprisonment in 2022—Panahi plays a fictionalized version of himself, a dissident filmmaker who relocates to a rural border town to direct a film remotely in nearby Turkey and finds himself embroiled in a local scandal. As he struggles to complete his feature, Panahi must confront the opposing pulls of tradition and progress, city and country, belief and evidence, as well as the universal desire to reject oppression.


  • On Panahi’s Films, a new interview with filmmaker Ramin Bahrani about director Jafar Panahi’s work
  • PLUS: Panahi Speaks from Prison
  • Trailer

The Innocent - Janus Contemporaries 

The Innocent - Janus Contemporaries 

Part crime thriller, part romantic comedy, Louis Garrel’s The Innocent shows the dangerous and outlandish lengths two men go to for the women they love. Garrel stars as Abel, an aquarium educator whose mother, Sylvie (Anouk Grinberg), marries one of her drama pupils in the local penitentiary, Michel (Roschdy Zem). Once on parole, Michel attempts to start a legitimate life but soon reverts to his old ways, eventually roping Abel into one of his schemes. Complicating matters is Clémence (Noémie Merlant), Abel’s brazen coworker, who convinces him to take part in the heist. Directing from a screenplay he cowrote (with Tanguy Viel and Naïla Guiguet), Garrel explores the comedic results of playacting’s intrusion into reality, as well as reality’s comedic tendency to transform us into what we never thought we could be.


  • Meet the Filmmaker, a new interview with director Louis Garrel
  • Trailer

We will update with preorder links as soon as they become available and all three titles will be available on Blu-ray on October 17th.

Disc News Round-up: SteelBooks, Sleaze, and...Charlize?

In case you have missed any of our recent announcements, we've provided an abridged version here for your convenience.  It also includes some of the titles that we think you might find interesting that have recently been added to the release calendar.

Speeding its way to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray on August 8 is Universal's Fast X starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, John Cena, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, and many more. The 10th film in The Fast and the Furious franchise is directed by Louis Leterrier and will also have a Walmart exclusive as well as a SteelBook only at Best Buy.

On September 12, Lionsgate and Walmart will be wrapping up some horror flicks in Blu-ray SteelBooks just in time for Halloween. Choose from The Leprechaun Collection, Rob Zombie's Firefly Trilogy, Rob Zombie's Halloween 1 & 2, Blair Witch & The Blair Witch Project, and Saw 1-8.

We've also added to our release calendar 4K Blu-ray SteelBooks for William Friedkin's horror classic The Exorcist from Warner Brothers, and for those afraid of heights - Netflix and Lionsgate's thriller Fall.. Both arrive on September 19 only at Best Buy.

Lionsgate doesn't stop there, on August 7 they will be reissuing the 2013 novel-inspired science fiction action-adventure Ender's Game starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in a Best Buy exclusive SteelBook.

Ender's Game - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook)

Warner Brothers has revealed that they are prepping a 30th anniversary edition of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. The 4K UHD Blu-ray + Digital package will include a fully remastered HDR/SDR transfer and audio as well with a September 12 release date.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 4K

RLJ Entertainment has a slew of SteelBooks coming exclusively to Walmart this fall: Werewolves Within, Vesper, PG: Psycho Goreman, and Bone Tomahawk on Blu-ray, as well as Arizona, Color Out of Space, and The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot on 4K UHD Blu-ray. The SteelBooks will hit stores on November 14.

Two more erotic horrors from sleaze-maestro Jean Rollin have been announced by Powerhouse Films for limited edition home video releases. Fascination will be available on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray and Lips of Blood will also be available on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray. They will be available on October 24.

Fascination 4K        Lips of Blood 4K

Imprint has six more Blu-rays for their library. They are: The Orphanage (2007), Wind Chill (2007), Bug (2006), The Skeleton Key (2005), The Mad Room (1969), and Night of the Eagle (1962). All six limited edition Blu-rays will be available in early November.

And finally, The Criterion Collection and Janus Films' new Janus Contemporaries line is coming this fall beginning with Jerzy Skolimowski's EO, Jafar Panahi's No Bears, and Louis Garrel' The Innocent on Blu-ray. The three releases will hit stores October 17.

EO     No Bears     The Innocent

That's all we have for now so until next time...Have a great weekend!

Make Some Shelf Space Exploitation and Sexploitation Collectors - Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix Are Teaming Up!

Your collection of guilty pleasure exploitation and sexploitation titles is about to get a whole lot... bigger! 

Do you remember going to your local video rental shop back in the day and there was that mysterious adjacent room just past the Horror section full of "Adult Only" titles? Back then the only thing that separated you from those alluring flicks was a soft velvety curtain. For fans of classic exploitation and sexploitation cinema, you may just want to recreate that fabled room in your home complete with curtain and red twinkle lights now that Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix are joining forces to bring some of the biggest, best, and kinkiest titles to home video! 

Full details of which titles haven't been fully hashed out but we're talking about hundreds of titles potentially coming to Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - let alone picking up their very first disc releases ever! With a new distribution partner comes some exciting new labels populating the already broad swath of genres and labels under the Vinegar Syndrome umbrella. 

Take a look at the press release for all the details:

A Home Video Merger of Epic Proportion  

Bridgeport, Connecticut - Vinegar Syndrome is excited to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with legendary NYC-based exploitation and sexploitation producer and distributor, Distribpix Inc. 

This partnership will bring Distribpix’s extensive catalog of close to 300 feature films to Home Video, including countless never-on-disc titles as well as classic exploitation films from genre masters such as Michael and Roberta Findlay, the  Amero Brothers, Joe Sarno, Chuck Vincent, Radley Metzger, Ron Sullivan, and  Shaun Costello, among dozens more. Additionally, Distribpix’s unprecedented archive of key 1960s and early 70s exploitation rarities, many of which have been completely unavailable since the VHS and early DVD era, will, at last, be making their return to disc, all newly restored and presented in the type of deluxe, collector-centric editions that both Distribpix and Vinegar Syndrome are known for creating. 

Vinegar Syndrome co-founder Joe Rubin, in describing the collaboration said, “Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix have worked together before Vinegar  Syndrome existed. This venture has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be more excited to be working on preserving, restoring and releasing this collection.  So many of the best and most significant sexploitation and early hardcore features were produced by Distribpix and it is an honor to finally be able to  consider them part of the Vinegar Syndrome family.” 

Head of Distribpix Inc, Steven Morowitz responded “The gang at Vinegar  Syndrome is wonderful; they opened their doors and welcomed me into their family. I am honored and grateful for this opportunity and together we are going to produce some absolutely amazing packages. Vinegar Syndrome is the best at what they do, from the highest quality restorations, to top-notch physical releases, so this really is a perfect match and the best spot for Distribpix. Our  companies not only thrive on excellent restorations and releasing, but there is a  major emphasis on film preservation and archiving, which was equally attractive  to me.” 

While schedule specifics are still being worked out, Radley Metzger and Gerard  Kikoine’s, The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1981), starring Veronica Hart, Vanessa Del  Rio, Desiree Cousteau, Samantha Fox, George Payne, and Dominique St Clair,  will be making its world 4K UHD and Blu-Ray debut late this summer, while  Michael Findlay’s notorious Flesh Trilogy is being prepared for a Blu-Ray release this fall, in partnership with Something Weird Video. Additionally, the Command  Cinema line which has been distributed by Distribpix for the last several years will also be joining the Distribpix/Vinegar Syndrome family and will see both Blu-ray and 4K debuts of producer/director, Cecil Howard’s acclaimed erotica.  

This monumental merger coincides with the launch of Mélusine, a new online  marketplace for premium home video editions of sexploitation and hardcore  cinema primarily produced during both genres’ golden ages: the early 1960s through the late 1980s. In addition to serving as the new retail home for Command Cinema, several other brandings will be launched:  

Mélusine, which will serve as the flagship brand, will offer deluxe 4K UHD/Blu-ray combo pack editions of some of the landmark works in hardcore theatrical features, with an emphasis on works by the genre’s most acclaimed filmmakers.  

Quality X, the name of which pays homage to what was one of the most esteemed early home video distributors of erotic entertainment, will offer single film Blu-ray editions of standout and hidden gem theatrical hardcore features from around the globe.  

Distribpix itself will become home to all things sexploitation, pulling from both  Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix’s vast libraries and ranging from the earliest nudie cuties all the way through the tail end of theatrical softcore. Releases will be single, double and triple feature Blu-rays.   

Finally, Vinegar Syndrome’s acclaimed hardcore feature branding, Peekarama, will continue to offer double feature Blu-rays of hardcore films in all genres. In keeping with Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix’s focus on film preservation,  releases under all branding will meet the highest standards in presentation quality and the most comprehensive available extras. 

The union between the two companies will produce the widest and most diverse catalog of exploitation, sexploitation, and classic hardcore features, available on disc anywhere in the world.

I Gotta Finish Feedin' These Chickens! 4K UHD & Blu-ray Shopping Guide July 23, 2023

 "Ray Malcolm? That's my brother's boy. I gotta finish feedin' these chickens. It's gettin' hot as hell around here at noontime." ( Old Man Malcolm - One False Move)

 If you are in the market for 4K titles, this week definitely has a few to pick from. From a new DC animated, we also get Needful Things, get married to an axe murderer, World War Z gets upgraded, more Bill Paxton and much more! Now if you are looking for blu-ray this week, prepare to deflate your wallet because there are close to 100 skus to pick from!

 Welcome to Volume 4 Episode 8 of our weekly release guide. A look at the highlights of what's coming to disc the week of July 23rd - July 29th, as well as a look at announcements from last week.

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Releases-

 As far as New Releases this week, Sony brings us a SteelBook of Resident Evil: Death Island.


 Next, we get another DC animated title from Warner Bros, Justice League: Warworld.


 Moving on to catalog titles, in alphabetical order (more or less) let's start with a horror titled Black Magic Rites from Powerhouse Films. Be aware that the blu-ray is delayed a month, I expect this to be delayed as well.

 From Vinegar Syndrome and their related partner labels, we get general releases of The Boogey Man, EffectsNight Screams and Undefeatable. Site exclusives of Gorgo and Terror at Tenkiller, which are only available direct from their site, and typically become general releases on Amazon and other merchants 2 months later.


 Another appreciated boutique label, Kino Lorber brings us Needful Things.



 Criterion Collection releases One False Move this week, a crime/thriller with Bill Paxton. Since Paxton's death, it's nice to see more of his films on disc, 4K no less!


 Sony Pictures has So I Married an Axe Murderer, a romcom thriller.


 Shout! Factory upgrades World War Z to 4K this week.


 Not quite a double-dip, Paramount releases The War of the Worlds (1953). This go round it's just the single film package with no bonus blu-ray for When World Collide.

 Next week, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, GOTG3, James Dean and Dean Martin classics, more Disney 100 SteelBooks, and so much more!


Blu-ray releases-

 Blu-ray counterparts of the above releases include Resident Evil: Death Island from Sony Pictures, Justice League: Warworld from Warner Bros, Needful Things from Kino Lorber and One False Move from Criterion.

 The remainder of this category is very crowded this week even when we omit any reissues. Doing our best to bring the highlights, the daunting task of where to begin starts now.

 Arrow Video presents Blood Money - Four Western Classics Vol. 2. No doubt another top rated presentation from Arrow.


 New sports documentary titled It Ain't Over. With a cast of Yogi Berra, Bob Costas, Billy Crystal, Joe Garagiola, Derek Jeter and Vin Scully, this one sounds interesting.

 Anime highlights include The Ancient Magus' Bride: The Boy from the West and the Knight of the Blue Storm, Animal Treasure Island, High School of the Dead Complete Collection, Iria: Zeiram the Animation, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Complete Collection and Sailor Moon S: Complete Third Season.


 TV on disc includes just Gangs of London: Season Two. Feast or famine is what this category is all about.

 Warner Archive Collection's primary drop of July titles is this week and the titles are The Broadway Melody (1929), Cimarron (1931), Du Barry Was a Lady (1943), The Fastest Gun Alive (1956), Helen of Troy (1956) and The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954).


 The general release for Robot Monster - 3-D is available this week.

 The next Vestron Video Collector's Series release, My Best Friend is a Vampire debuts to blu-ray this week via LionsGate.


 Honorable Mention: Barring any last second delay, Screen Media/Cinedigm has a special interest release that sounds intriguing, Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story.

 Next week in this category, a polar opposite. Aside from the reissues, there are probably less than ten titles.


Notable announcements from last week:

 Criterion Collection has announced their October 2023 slate, and although there are no Halloween themed movies, it is quite a list nonetheless. Check out the news story here.

 A24 has an over the top collector's edition for Everything Everywhere All at Once, both blu-ray and 4K releases with an August 7 street date. The A24 shop uses the same page for blu-ray and 4K versions, just be certain which version you are proceeding with before checking out.


4K Release Calendar

2K/BD Release Calendar

Which titles are you buying this week? Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price?

Lionsgate And Walmart Dropping Some Scary Cool Horror SteelBook Collections September 12th

It isn't the Halloween season without a bunch of slick repackages of our favorite horror movies!

We all have a favorite scary movie... well, maybe more than one. In some cases, we have entire franchises we obsessively collect. Being dutiful physical media fanatics, chances are pretty good we've already bought them a time or two. But when Lionsgate and Walmart team up to give us slick new packaging of our old favorites - what's one more copy right? Leprechaun, Firefly Family, Halloween, Saw, and the Blair Witch are each getting new multi-film Blu-ray SteelBooks and I gotta say as someone who already owns most of these, it's damned tempting to pick them up again with the really fun artwork updates. Each of these SteelBooks should hit store shelves on September 12th.

Leprechaun Collection - Walmart Blu-ray SteelBook


Rob Zombie's Firefly Trilogy - Walmart Blu-ray SteelBook


Rob Zombie's Halloween I & II - Walmart Blu-ray SteelBook 


Blair Witch & The Blair Witch Project - Walmart Blu-ray SteelBook


Saw Collection 1-8 - Walmart Blu-ray SteelBook 


All of these are up and ready to pre-order - Happy Collecting! 

Below is the full press release:

Published:CLIENTS-ACTIVE:ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT:Lionsgate Home Entertainment:Logos:Fact Sheet Logo.png


 A black background with a black square

Description automatically generated

Only at Walmart

SteelBooks® in Blu-ray™ + Digital multi-film available 9/12/23

SAW 1-8 Blu-ray™ + Digital multi-film SteelBook® SRP: $49.99

Leprechaun 1-8 Blu-ray™ + Digital multi-film SteelBook® SRP: $49.99

Rob Zombie Triple Feature Blu-ray™ + Digital multi-film SteelBook® SRP: $39.99

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2 Double Feature Blu-ray™ + Digital

multi-film SteelBook® SRP: $34.99

Blair Witch and The Blair Witch Project Double Feature Blu-ray™ + Digital

multi-film SteelBook® SRP: $34.99


Curate the ultimate horror collection before Halloween when these exclusive SteelBooks® arrive September 12th from Lionsgate at a Walmart near you on Blu-ray™ + Digital. Each frightful SteelBook® memorializes these iconic titles through an all-new stylized and ageless look, with artwork created by the artist Bond. The featured titles include SAW 1-8 for the suggested retail price of $49.99, Leprechaun 1-8 for the suggested retail price of $49.99, Rob Zombie Triple Feature (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and 3 from Hell) for the suggested retail price of $39.99, Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II Double Feature for the suggested retail price of $34.99, and Blair Witch Project Double Feature for the suggested retail price of $34.99. 



Celebrate the scariest time of year – Halloween – with a set of spine-tingling, hair-raising SteelBooks®! Lionsgate’s series of Walmart-exclusive Blu-rayTM + Digital multi-film SteelBooks®, inspired by the vivid, eye-catching artwork of vintage pulp novels, rises from the grave on September 12. Included in this collection are the terror-tinged The Blair Witch Project and its evil twin, Blair Witch; the reimagined Halloween I & II and unhinged Firefly trilogy (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and 3 from Hell) from fright master Rob Zombie; and an 8-film round of repulsion care of SAW (including Jigsaw) and the devilish hijinks of the Leprechaun. It’s an endless SteelBook® scare-a-thon! 



Tobin Bell Mississippi Burning, The Firm

Warwick Davis Willow, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 

Sheri Moon Zombie The Munsters, The Lords of Salem

Sid Haig The Big Bird Cage, Spider Baby or, the Maddest Story Ever Told

Tyler Mane Penance Lane, Playing with Fire

Heather Donahue Seven and a Match, TV’s “Taken”


Year of Production: Various

Title Copyright: See below for all titles

SAW 1-8: SAW © 2004 Saw Productions. SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI, SAW: The Final Chapter, Jigsaw © 2005-2017, Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, ™ & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Leprechaun 1-8: Leprechaun, Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4 in Space, Leprechaun in the Hood © 1992-1999 Trimark Pictures, Inc. Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood © 2003 Lions Gate Films Inc. Leprechaun: Origins © 2013 Lions Gate Films Inc. and WWE Studios, Inc. Leprechaun Returns © 2018 Leprechaun Returns. Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, TM & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. 


Rob Zombie Triple Feature: House of 1000 Corpses © 2002 House of 1,000 Corpses, LLC, The Devil’s Rejects © 2005 Cinelamda Internationale Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. 1 Beteiligungs-KG, 3 from Hell © 2019, Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, TM & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II Double Feature: Halloween © 2007, Halloween II © 2009,  Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, TM & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Blair Witch Double Feature: The Blair Witch Project © 1999 Blair Witch Film Partners, Ltd. “The Blair Witch Project” and “Stickman” are the registered trademarks and service marks of Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, TM & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. Blair Witch © 2016, Artwork & Supplementary Materials ® & © 2023 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.  


Genre: Horror

Type: Catalog Re-Release

Rating: SAW 1-8: Unrated; Leprechaun 1-8 R; Rob Zombie Triple Feature: House of 1000 Corpses R, The Devil’s Rejects Unrated, 3 from Hell Unrated; Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II Double Feature Unrated; Blair Witch Project Double Feature R

Genre: Horror

Closed-Captioned: N/A 

Blu-ray™ Subtitles: Various

Blu-ray™ Format: Various

Blu-ray™ Audio: Various

Artist Information: Bond

Gotta Get Down, Gotta Get Fungi! 4K UHD & Blu-ray Shopping Guide July 16, 2023

 With Prime Day in the rearview, and other retailers also having tried to get a piece of the pie, how well did you do? Yes, Movies and TV is my primary category on Prime Day, but Books, Toys and Games and Computers & Accessories always gets a look from me. You? Amazon announced they had their best Prime Day event ever.

 For 4K this week we get a most excellent Bruce Lee import, that Evil Dead Rise SteelBook I told you to wait for, TWO Criterion releases, and so much more.

 Welcome to Volume 4 Episode 7 of our weekly release guide. A look at the highlights of what's coming to disc the week of July 16th - July 22nd, as well as a look at announcements from last week.


4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Releases-

 Import Monday new release begins with Evil Dead Rise in a SteelBook package, the US domestic release of a standard case edition was a couple of weeks ago.


 No waiting a couple of weeks for the SteelBook release of The Last of Us: The Complete First Season, and our links bring you over to Amazon UK.


 Import Catalog title of Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest should grab your attention. Some of Bruce Lee's finest work, all in 4K. At present, the US market is only getting Enter The Dragon in 4K on August 8th, and I really doubt the rest of these films will, so it might be wise to import this set. Alternately, the Arrow Video Store has their store exclusive set for purchase as well.

 Moving on to Domestic Tuesday,  there's one new release, HBO's The Last of Us: The Complete First Season. Best I can tell, there is no digital copy included in this set, so go with whichever case/cover art you prefer. It would be ironic that a TV series based on a video game would be played on a gaming console that the actual game is installed on. Be careful, you might cause dimensional paradox right there.


 Criterion Collection has Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, a new-wave crime film.


 TWO Criterion 4K releases the same week? Yup, next let's snatch The Ranown Westerns: Five Films Directed by Budd Boetticher, a collection of five Western films from director Budd Boetticher starring Randolph Scott. With the Barnes & Noble Criterion Sale going on right now, almost every one of these Criterion titles is half price at  B & N physical stores, online, and on as well.


 From Arrow Video, 2011's Martin Scorsese hit Hugo gets a 4K upgrade. This one has the 3D disc inside as well.


Universal releases Les Misérables (2012). If you can figure out the formula in which Uni uses to determine which releases they do themselves and which ones Shout! Factory gets to do, you might be on to something, please let us know.


 Kino Lorber keeps cranking out what movie buffs want, this week William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A..


 Next week more Resident Evil, another DC animated, more Kino, more in general!


Blu-ray releases-

 Blu-ray counterparts of the above titles include The Last of Us: The Complete First Season from HBO, Hugo 2D/3D from Arrow Video and To Live and Die in L.A. from Kino Lorber.

 Look for some fresh comedy from LionsGate titled Fool's Paradise.


 New romcom from Sony Pictures with Love Again.

 Delayed from a couple of weeks ago, Land of the Pharaohs is now available from Warner Archive. Reading David's review makes me chuckle, an exposed navel was considered obscene back then.


 TV on disc includes Moonhaven: Season One and South Park: Seasons 21-25.


 Anime highlights include The Devil Is a Part-Timer!: Season 2, Medaka Box (Seasons 1 & 2) Complete Collection and Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.

 In the zero-day advance notice category (I'm sure you can tell I am talking about Universal again!), action/thriller Kandahar with Gerard Butler comes to blu-ray. Can't say for certain if this film merits a 4K disc, but undoubtedly the digital release will be 4K and in general, this type of movie would sell as a 4K disc.


 Honorable Mention: Kino's Audie Murphy Collection II is available this week.

 Next week, if you shop a lot of blu-rays, Tuesday alone currently has just under a hundred skus listed, prepare yourself!


Notable announcements from last week:

 East of Eden 4K and Rio Bravo 4K got moved to August 1st. Warner Bros has seemingly done this a fair amount of times for older catalog titles, no doubt for all the right reasons.

 Warner Bros has announced the 2023 film for The Flash to have a disc street date of August 29th.

 LionsGate has announced Tim Story's The Blackening to disc release on August 22.

 Although not officially announced, Fast X appears on track, on, track, for an August 8th street date. Expect an announcement by August 5th.

 Parts 4-7 of the Chucky movies have been pushed back a month to August 29.

 Last week, the SAG joined the WGA in a strike. How is this going to affect the entertainment industry in general?


4K Release Calendar

2K/BD Release Calendar

Which titles are you buying this week? Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price?

Tired of Waiting for The Abyss on 4K or Blu-ray? Order the Third Best Knockoff Today!

While Disney/20th Century Studios waits for the perfect time to release the long-rumored and over-due James Cameron classic, The Abyss, you can order Roger Corman's knockoff right now from Shout! Factory! 

Lords of the Deep - Blu-ray

If you can't get The Abyss on Blu-ray, go ahead and grab yourself a copy of Leviathan. If that doesn't suit you, well shoot for Deep Star Six. And if that's not enough, strike for your third-best option - Lords of the Deep! As they said in Superman: The Movie the Son becomes the Father, and the Father becomes the Son. And so too goes the world of filmmaking. James Cameron who got his start working visual effects and directing Piranha II: The Spawning for Roger Corman, Corman would go on to rip off his former protege with 1989's daffy science fiction aquatic epic Lords of the Deep. Directed by Mary Ann Fisher and starring Priscilla Barnes and a joyfully over-the-top Bradford Dillman, the film is a nonsensical masterpiece of schlock that was also (partially) shot by famed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. The fishy alien flick also features some genuinely impressive visual effects work from Robert and Dennis Skotak - who also did effects work on James Cameron's Aliens, The Abyss, and Terminator 2 among numerous other productions. 

And now Lords of the Deep beats fan-favorite, much-desired, The Abyss to Blu-ray! Due to ship on July 25th, this release is limited to 1500 copies and carries a lumpy price tag of about $30 before shipping. On top of a new 2K scan, the disc sports DTS-HD MA mono audio, trailer, and the hilarious 12-season Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode!

These cult classics move fast so get that order in while you can!

The Amazon Prime Day Massacre Begins - Awesome Deals on 4K UHD & Blu-rays

It's here. The 48 hours we fear the most, dreading with every fiber of our being... 

The financial apocalypse that is Prime Day is upon us once again promising any number of great deals on everything from toilet paper stands and bidets to bone-conducting headphones to deals on cheap accessories for cats. But for physical media collectors, it's the dreaded opportunity to stock up on some titles we held back grabbing in hopes of a good deal. Now those deals are here, and your financial standing may never survive. On top of the rapid-fire lightning deals on recent releases and favorite titles at big discounts, Amazon has a range of great deals on a slew of titles including big recent releases to complete series collections to guilty favorite titles on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray.

We're going to do some hunting for you by section and here are some of the best deals we've spotted so far:

Big Box Set Deals

Lord of the Rings The Motion Picture Trilogy 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $39.99

James Bond: Daniel Craig 5-Film Collection 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $34.99

Nightmare on Elm Street 7-Film Collection Blu-ray - $19.99

Top Gun: Maverick 2-Film Collection 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $26.99

The Flintstones The Complete Series Blu-ray - $29.99

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection Blu-ray - $14.99

The Alfred Hitchcock Collection Vol 1 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $34.99

The Alfred Hitchcock Collection Vol 2 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray - $34.99

Sonic The Hedgehog 2-Movie SteelBook 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $26.99

Sony Pictures Classics 30th Anniversary 11-Film Collection 4K ultra HD Blu-ray - $149.49

Game of Thrones The Complete Series 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $99.99

The Godfather 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook - $16.49

The Godfather Part II 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook - $15.99

The Godfather: Coda The Death of Michael Corleone 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook - $12.99

The Untouchables 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook - $17.99

The Bionic Woman Complete Series Blu-ray - $89.99

Supernatural: The Complete Series Blu-ray - $129.99

Space 1999 Complete Series Blu-ray - $52.24

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series Blu-ray - $49.99

Smallville: The Complete Series Blu-ray - $84.99

Charmed: The Complete Series Blu-ray - $89.99

Justified: The Complete Series Blu-ray - $92.49

Awesome Single Title Deals:

Dune (2021) 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $9.49
Casablanca 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $11.99
The Maltese Falcon 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - 14.99
The Thing 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $10.99
Event Horizon 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $15.99
Dragonheart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $18.49
Freaky 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $18.99
Used Cars 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $20.41
Nope 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $11.99
Jaws: 45th Anniversary Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $15.99
Rebel Without A Cause 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray $14.99
The Lost Boys 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray $11.99
1917 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $9.49
Cool Hand Luke 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $14.99
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $11.99
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $9.99
The Meg 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $9.99
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $12.99
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $13.49
The Suicide Squad 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $11.49
The Outsiders
 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $18.99
Old Henry
 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $16.99
The Last Detail 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $17.99
The Green Mile 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $10.99
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $13.00
Training Day 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $14.24
Scott Pilgrim Saves The World 
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - $9.99
The Whale Blu-ray - $10.99
Clerks III 
Blu-ray - $7.96
Candyman III Day of the Dead 
Blu-ray - $4.99
Blu-ray - $8.49
Warlock Collection (3-Films) 
Blu-ray - $16.49
House of 1000 Corpses 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray - $32.45
Without Remorse Blu-ray - $10.99
Big Night Blu-ray - $13.99
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Blu-ray - $15.99

Now obviously there's a bunch more great discs out there waiting to take up space on your shelves - and this is only Day One! Tomorrow may see more new deals!

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? - 4K UHD & Blu-ray Shopping Guide July 9, 2023

 Won't exactly call it a return to normal, but after a holiday week, any sort of release schedule is much more normal than that. It's a tossup on whether Scream 6 or Sisu will be the 4K title of the week. I lean towards Sisu because that category generally gets more attention.

 Welcome to Volume 4 Episode 6 of our weekly release guide. A look at the highlights of what's coming to disc the week of July 9th - July 15th, as well as a look at announcements from last week.



4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Releases-

 With no Imports Monday to report, thes get New Releases Tuesday first.

 From Paramount, Scream VI, which comes as a Standard Edition and as a SteelBook Edition.


 From LionsGate, Sisu, which comes as a Standard Edition and as a SteelBook, but the latter is a Best Buy Exclusive.


 Moving on to catalog releases, Criterion Collection releases After Hours, listed as a 'Dark' Comedy. And, The Watermelon Woman, which is in the romcom category.


 From Scream Factory, a horror titled The Burning.


 Closing out the 4K category this week, a few double-dips of sort. Invaders from Mars (1953) gets a standard release and both Mission: Impossible - Fallout and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation get a SteelBook repackage.

 Next week, Bruce Lee imports, that Evil Dead Rise SteelBook I told you about, Les Mes, James Dean, John Wayne and more!


Blu-ray releases-

 Blu-ray counterparts of the above releases include Scream VI from Paramount and Sisu from LionsGate for the new releases, and After Hours from Criterion for a catalog title. The double-dip/standard release of Invaders from Mars also is available this week.

 This week and next are pretty slow for blu-ray releases. Again, a good week to be a boutique label.

 New comedy/drama from LionsGate titled Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.. Not done with LionsGate yet, also look for Beau Is Afraid, which is a comedy/horror.


 From Sony Pictures Classics, Drama/Romance titled Carmen.

 Under the standard Sony label, based on the anime of the same name, Knights of the Zodiac gets a live action film. As a fan of the series, is a 4K import an option?


 A new comedy from Universal titled Book Club: The Next Chapter. Were there previous chapters?


 TV on disc includes just Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee: Complete Season Three.

 Collectors of the series from Kino Lorber should know that Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XV releases this week.

 There is practically no anime this week, what we do see are movies with One Piece Film: Red and Ranma ½ OVA & Movies Collection.


 A little bit of action from Vertical Entertainment with To Catch a Killer.

 Honorable Mention: Richard Pryor Double Feature is available this week and is currently the only way to get both Which Way Is Up? and 'The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings' on blu-ray. And if you were looking for White Noise 2, you can get it with another double feature from Mill Creek, White Noise / White Noise 2.


Notable announcements from last week:

 Shout Factory has revealed a slew of titles for September. In no particular order (except maybe from their social media account) they are Lost Souls, The Pack (1977), Night of the Comet 4K, My Demon Lover, My Bloody Valentine 4K, The Lost City of Z 4K, What's Love Got to Do with It?, Irwin Allen: Master of Disaster Collection, Natural Born Killers 4K and Lonely Castle in the Mirror. I would expect another anime title or two to be added, but this is still quite a list!

 Disney has revealed the release of The Little Mermaid (2023) for a date of September 19th. Keeping up with their usual formula, Best Buy SteelBook, Walmart Exclusive, and the best cover art among all the choices remains with the blu-ray edition.

4K Release Calendar

2K/BD Release Calendar

Which titles are you buying this week? Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price?

More Blu-rays! More 4Ks! More Blu-ray 3D! OCN Distribution Adds Two New Labels!

NEW OCN Distribution Partner Labels Ensure Physical Media Will Have A Long Shelf Life

Vinegar Syndrome's sister company OCN Distribution adds two exciting new labels to their growing consortium of companies dedicated to preserving popular, weird, wild, and obscure films on physical media. That means more Blu-rays, more 4K UHD, and yes - even more Blu-ray 3D discs coming our way! 

News broke earlier this week ahead of the 4th of July holiday that exploitation label Culture Shock would be leaving the OCN Distribution partner catalog to go their own way as they expand their collection of titles. While exploitation fans may miss seeing new Culture Shock titles in the new monthly OCN releases, there's good news on the horizon. In a press release OCN Distribution details they've added two new exciting partner labels to their catalog ensuring that not only will their monthly assortment of exciting titles continue to grow, but see films earn their first-time releases on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, and even new Blu-ray 3D releases! 

The first big highlight of the press releases is the news that the new imprint Art Label run by Warren Xian, formally of Culture Shock releasing, will be joining the OCN Distribution collective. As the name implies, Art Label aims to expand beyond horror and exploitation titles to encompass rare, obscure, and well-known art house titles.

The next big piece of news in this press release is that independent cinema caretakers IFC Films will be joining OCN Distribution! On top of their expansive back catalog, IFC continues to give new films a shot on home video rather than letting them get lost (or deleted) in the streaming weeds. This means back catalog titles that were only issued on DVD may see their Blu-ray debuts and even some 4K UHD upgrades as new titles continue to reach physical media!

Collectors should see the first releases from both Art Label and IFC Films arrive in December!

While it may be sad to see Culture Shock leave this exciting network, it's awesome to hear they're not going away either. When we have more news about where they land and when their next releases arrive we'll let you all know. HDD has had a great time checking out their discs so we're happy and excited to see what's next in store for them. At the same time, it's impossible to hold back enthusiasm for what's coming from OCN with two new labels and current partners expanding their collections. That just means more awesome new movies, more slick exclusive slipcovers, and more money happily vanishing from our wallets every month!

For all the gory details, check out the full OCN press release below:


[Bridgeport, CT July 6th, 2023] – OCN Distribution, sister company of popular boutique genre home video label Vinegar Syndrome, is expanding its roster of Partner Labels in 2023 (and beyond) with at least two more new labels introduced in this calendar year. 

Following up the addition of labels like the Australian based Umbrella and the US based XYZ Films and Film Desk in 2023 thus far, OCN Distribution is adding two more exciting labels to its consistently expanding lineup this fall, while the current lineup will continue regular releases including the first 4K UHD from Canadian International Pictures and the first 3D BD release from any of the OCN partner labels, via Dekanalog. 

The first addition to the OCN roster has been years in the making and we are very excited to announce that IFC Films will be joining OCN, with extras packed upgrades of select titles, including some previously only released on DVD, alongside future UHD upgrades and new to home video releases. It’s a relationship that will build on IFC’s exquisite curation at the forefront of independent cinema both domestic and abroad, which has been cultivated for decades.

The first IFC Films release will land in December’s Partner’s Only month and its director, Alex Ross Perry, had the following to say about working with OCN on the release: "The work being done by OCN is invaluable when it comes to creating essential physical media home video releases of films that might otherwise not be given the luxury treatment. IFC's catalog is nearly unparalleled when it comes to crucial and significant independent cinema over the past few decades. The possibilities of this partnership are endless, and I am flattered that my previous work with OCN on the definitive Her Smell blu-ray - and their desire to release more of my films - has played a small role in building this relationship”. 

Also launching in December’s Partner’s Only month will be brand new imprint Art Label, run by Warren Xian, formerly of Culture Shock Releasing which will operate without Xian going forward. As many OCN fans are aware, Culture Shock Releasing will be parting ways with OCN this summer and will seek alternative means of distribution. Xian had the following to say about staying with OCN and forming his own label: “With Art Label, I am excited to broaden the horizons of what I was doing with Culture Shock Releasing. We will be expanding beyond horror and exploitation into past and present art house cinema, from the deep fringe to the well known. Working with OCN has been very liberating, allowing me to focus my energy on acquiring more titles and gathering more bonus material for each release, and I am delighted to be continuing that relationship.”  

OCN is very excited about these two new partner labels, and more labels to come in 2024! This fall will be a banner season for OCN Distribution, with an average of 15 releases per month from September through December and that will only increase going into the following year, which will contain even more surprises, including never before on disc titles, unexpected UHD upgrades, comprehensive filmmaker box sets and more! 


The latest news on all things 4K Ultra HD, blu-ray and Gear.