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Release Date: July 23rd, 2021 Movie Release Year: 2021

Ted Lasso: Season Two - Television Review (Apple TV+)

Overview -

During the quarantine of 2020, Apple TV+ granted everyone the option to watch a show called Ted Lasso, a new series about a Wichita St. football coach who takes a job coaching a premier futbol club in England, which he has no knowledge of the sport. This little series quickly became the BEST show on television and due to the extremely excellent word-of-mouth campaign, this character Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and its amazing co-stars entered everyone's hearts and has become one of the most beloved shows in all of television. It's witty, completely funny, and one of the sweetest and most heart-warming shows to ever flicker on your screen. Nobody thought it would be possible to top the first season of Ted Lasso, but this 12-episode 2nd season is just as great, if not better with each passing minute that nobody will want to end. Ted Lasso Season 2 is simply the BEST entertainment on television. 


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July 23rd, 2021

Storyline: Our Reviewer's Take


Bill Lawrence (the creator of Scrubs) has perfectly developed this show with Sudeikis who created this character as a series of commercials for NBC Sports for the coverage of the Premier League. The first season was set with ten episodes that followed Ted's arrival in England and being met with a ton of brash and abusive people who think a Yankee has no business coming to coach their beloved futbol team. Right off the bat, it's easy to see Ted's extremely inviting, warm, and funny attitude as he doesn't mind so much for wins or losses, but rather cares deeply for his players and wants to see them become the men that better themselves on and off the field. It's a joy to watch. Ted was able to take the Richmond futbol team that was not getting along and playing selfishly to creating a family within the team. His players banded together to play the game better, while managing to win the hearts and souls of fans, his boss and owner of the team Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham of Game Of Thrones), who originally wanted to destroy the team from the inside - similar to the storyline in Major League

This second season takes place soon after the events of the first season that saw the Richmond team losing the last game and being knocked down to the championship league rather than the Premier League. The veteran star of the club Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) played his last game and hurt his knee. The young and cocky Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) was traded to another team. Dani Rojas enters the picture as the new star player who consistently thinks futbol is life and nothing else. The second season starts during a game when an unfortunate accident occurs that gives the Richmond team a big scare that allows for a sports psychologist Sharon (Sarah Niles) to enter the house to help make everyone think clearer and better. She is an integral part of the second season and comes head to head with Ted Lasso. 

The supporting cast receives a big bump in air time this season as most of the team players, Nate, and others get some large screen-time to flesh out their characters more and it's done in the same sweet and heart-warming way as it was in the first season. Roy Kent has taken on a new job as does Jamie Tartt for a little while, and it's great to see just how Lasso infiltrates their hearts and minds to make them better people. It's truly wonderful to watch. Higgins and Rebecca have some excellent story arcs that revolve around their family and the fantastic Keeley Jones (Juno Temple of Killer Joe) continues to be the bright and funny spot of the series as she is just as smart as she is witty and sweet. As the season progresses, it's easy to see how Ted struggles with his anxiety, recent divorce, and crippling panic attacks, while at the same time trying to put on a happy game face. It's remarkable acting on Sudeikis's part as he has fully thrown himself into this character, as does Hannah and everyone else. 


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Final Thoughts

This season brings a Christmas episode to the mix, which is probably the BEST holiday episode in all of television and will be surely added to the rotation of episodes to watch come December time. The witty banter of Lasso is still amazing and even manages to get in perhaps one of the best jokes of recent memory that has to do with the film Showgirls. There is no shortage of his remarkable funny ways of explaining his thoughts. Ted Lasso: Season 2 is the perfect 2nd season and will be around for twelve episodes with a third season on the way. It doesn't get better than Ted Lasso. - it's a Must Watch