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Murder Before Dark

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Genres: Mystery
Starring: Mike M. Burke, Darlene Rogers
Director: Mike M. Burke
Plot Synopsis:

The 1998 murder of Margaret Ray exposed a small town's dark and twisted secrets. Behind her death was the deep and dark conspiracy that surrounded her death that was most shocking. Now for the first time, in this thrilling prequel to the Murder After Dark series, go back in time and see how it all began. What you thought you knew is only a silver of the story. Our story takes place from 1991 and leads up to the 1998 murder of Margaret Ray. We begin with young Detective William H. Stockwell (Mike M. Burke) and his partner Detective Laura Brown (Darlene Rogers) being called back to their hometown by Sheriff Bob (Karl Peterson) to investigate a mysterious disappearance of a well loved town resident. While they investigate they are lead down a strange path full of twists and turns that get more and more bazaar by the minute. Meanwhile Margaret Ray( Jennifer Wetmore) finds herself in bed with many of the town's prominent men. Each one is special to her and choosing just one is too difficult. Sadly for Margaret, this unknowingly puts her right in the center of a deep crime ring lead by a very evil man. Mayor Tubby Wilson (Mike M. Burke) has a secret of his own. He is involved in a big drug cartel that involves top town officials and a US Senator. The mayor is only a puppet though. A puppet for a mysterious person who only appears in dark shadows. When this person's identity is finally revealed it will more shocking than anything you could have imagined. This is the most compelling, thrilling, and final film in the Murder After Dark series. Nothing is held back in this low budget dark comedy murder mystery. The twists and turns will have you in need of a chiropractor. Just like each previous film, this one has an ending so shocking, you will need to watch it twice in order to absorb it. This is a who done it that one will figure out. We dare you.

  • Release Details
    Release Date: November 6th, 2018
    MPAA Rating: Unrated
    Movie Release Year: 2006
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Mystic Night Pictures
  • Technical Specs
    Length:131 Minutes
    Specs:MOD BD-R
    Video Resolution/Codec:TBA
    Aspect Ratio(s):TBA
    Audio Formats:TBA
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