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Nosferatu's Crush

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Genres: Comedy, Horror
Starring: Mike M. Burke, Malissa Longo
Director: Mike M. Burke
Plot Synopsis:

People are being attacked in a town where a descendant of the famous Dracula lives. They have bite marks on their necks. Some of these victims are showing up dead. For two FBI agents (Lady Altovise and Kristy White), it's no mystery who is responsible. Vlad Dracula III (Mike M. Burke), a direct decedent to Dracula of Transylvania doesn't kill and now must prove his innocence. Vlad seeks out a lawyer and finds one in the beautiful and sweet Rebekah (Malissa Longo). For Vlad it's love at first site but his hopes are dashed when her obnoxious boyfriend (John Gaydos) storms in. Dracula is not the only "vampire" in town. He lives with his three beautiful brides (Angalisha Marie, Sylvia Kovacs and Xaviera Desgrottes ) who find victims for him by drinking their blood and then let Dracula feed from them. Vlad is too lazy to seek out victims unlike his famous relative. Meanwhile a sexy and evil vampire woman, who has the ability to not only suck blood from her victims but can take away their immortality, sneaks around the woods at night attacking people leaving behind their lifeless bodies. Of course the two FBI agents thinks it's Vlad and they will stop at nothing to catch him in the act. Dracula will fight his hardest to prove his innocence and even harder to win over Rebekah, who unknowingly catches the eye of the blood thirsty evil vampire woman. Will he get the girl of his dreams? Will he prove his innocence? Will he stop the vicious vampire from framing him? Will he save the one he loves before it is too late? Find out in the very funny and spooky low budget independent film Nosferatu's Crush.

  • Release Details
    Release Date: November 13th, 2018
    MPAA Rating: Unrated
    Movie Release Year: 2006
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Mystic Night Pictures
  • Technical Specs
    Length:93 Minutes
    Specs:MOD BD-R
    Video Resolution/Codec:TBA
    Aspect Ratio(s):TBA
    Audio Formats:TBA
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