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Rudolph Valentino Collection: Volume 2

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Genres: Drama, Classic
Starring: Rudolph Valentino, Wanda Hawley, Marguerite Namara, Norman Kerry
Director: Edmund Mortimer, Emmett J. Flynn, James Vincent, Philip Rosen
Plot Synopsis:

"Representing the definitive collection of rare films starring Rudolph Valentino, one of Hollywood’s most legendary stars, the Rudolph Valentino Collection brings newly remastered classics to Blu-ray disc for the first time. A Society Sensation A rarely seen gem from very early in Valentino’s career, A Society Sensation dates back to when he was billed as Rodolpho De Valentina. These remaining two reels of an original five-reel feature mark the world’s introduction to Valentino’s famous physique. Dick Bradley (Valentino), a wealthy playboy, falls in love with Margaret, a fisherman’s daughter (Carmel Myers). When her father mistakenly believes Bradley has kidnapped her, Dick must defend himself – and Margaret – from her true abductor, a devious local fisherman. Virtuous Sinners A near-forgotten film, Virtuous Sinners – here in its most completed form since its release in 1919, and featuring a Robert Isreal score, – tells the story of Dawn Emerson (Wanda Hawley), an abused wife cast out into the street by her uncaring husband. Rescued by a gang of down-and-out patrons of the “End of the Trail” mission, Dawn soon falls for a dapper mission benefactor, Hamilton Jones (Norman Kerry), who is also a high-end burglar. When a member of the mission gang, McGregor, is run over by a car while saving a child, Hamilton robs a home to pay his medical bills. Ratted out by a informant, Hamilton goes on trial, but Dawn and the rest of the gang – including a young Rudolph Valentino in a bit part – stand by his side. Stolen Moments The only remaining version of an original six-reel film, the shortened Stolen Moments features is an early starring role for Rudolph Valentino, featured here with a score by John Mirsalis. It was truncated for a re-release after the huge successes of The Four Horsemen and The Sheik. Valentino stars as Jose, a South American novelist, who seduces the beautiful Vera Blaine, played by the opera star Marguerite Namara. After writing Jose several revealing love letters, Vera discovers Jose’s less than honorable intentions and decides to marry her attorney, Hugh Conway, instead. But when Jose threatens to blackmail Vera with her letters, she struggles with him, and stabs him in self-defense. After he is found dead, Vera fears she might be responsible. The Young Rajah A “lost” Valentino classic, The Young Rajah is reconstructed here through the original continuity script, production stills, the only known remaining footage and a piano score by John Mirsalis. An epic Paramount Pictures release, it was produced on the heels of the blockbuster success of The Sheik. Rudolph is Amos Judd, a Harvard bound New Englander who is secretly a young rajah from India. When Amos becomes a popular college student and athlete, he falls in love with Molly Cabot (Wanda Hawley), and they are engaged to be married. On the eve of his wedding, Amos experiences strange visions and an attack is made on his life. He soon realizes that he must return to India, and his people, to confront the forces that attacked him and originally drove him into hiding. "

  • Release Details
    Release Date: September 4th, 2018
    Movie Release Year: 1918
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Flicker Alley
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