Keijo!!!!!!!!: The Complete Series (Limited Edition)

Street Date:
February 6th, 2018
Movie Release Year:
FUNimation Entertainment
325 Minutes
Release Country
United States
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Amber Lee Connors, Alex Moore, Alexis Tipton


Clifford Chapin

Plot Synopsis:

Welcome to the exciting world of Keijo, the new sport craze with girl-on-girl battles! On the rigorous journey to going pro, 18-year-old Nozomi Kaminashi asspires to be the best, putting in the hard yards with other talented girls at Setouchi Keijo Training School. This year’s rookies may be turning heads, but if Nozomi wants to become a real prize queen, she’ll have to put her butt on the line to perfect one of the most dangerous moves in the sport—the Vacuum Butt Cannon! After getting hip-whipped into shape, it’s time for these ladies to test their skills against the gluteal gladiators of their rival school.

The Limited Edition comes in a collecible art box with specialty print and includes a 20-pg art book and calendar.

Technical Specs

  • Blu-ray + DVD (Limited Edition)