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Dark Night of the Scarecrow: 30th Anniversary Edition

Street Date:
October 11th, 2011
Movie Release Year:
MPAA Rating:
96 Minutes
Release Country
United States
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Horror, Thriller


Charles Durning, Robert F. Lyons, Claude Earl Jones, Larry Drake


Frank De Felitta

Plot Synopsis:

Director Frank De Felitta's Dark Night of the Scarecrow tells of a mentally handicapped young man (Larry Drake of Darkman and Dr. Giggles villainy) wrongfully accused of assaulting a young girl in a rural farm community. Veteran character actor Charles Durning leads a lynch mob of locals to hunt down the gentle simpleton, who attempts to disguise himself as the scarecrow in his mother's field, only to get gunned down in cold blood by the mob. The murderous rednecks get away with murdering an innocent man by putting a pitchfork in his dead hands and claiming they killed him in self defense -- that is, until the night someone dressed as that scarecrow begins picking them off one-by-one with that very same pitchfork.


  • Director & Writer Commentary
  • Daniel Griffith Documentary
  • Q&A with Larry Drake
  • Tonya Crowe & J. D. Feigelson
  • CBS Network World Premiere Promo
  • Rebroadcast Promo
  • Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery