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Genres: Sci-fi
Starring: Zoe Bell, Malik Yoba, Adam Huss
Director: Michael Hurst
Plot Synopsis:

PARADOX is about a group of M.I.T. students who have secretly built a time machine in an underground facility. They send one of their own, Jim, forward in time one hour to test it. But when Jim arrives one hour into the future he sees...blood everywhere, dead bodies, they’ve all been murdered! So Jim reverses the machine and is sent back to the present - where he says to the others, "I’ve got some bad news...” Now they have an hour to try and figure out which one of them is the Killer and stop what happened from happening. Jim has brought back a video camera from the one-hour-later future that has clues on it - as they can see footage of scenes that haven’t actually happened yet!

  • Release Details
    Release Date: June 27th, 2017
    Movie Release Year: 2016
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Xlrator