The Teenage Prostitution Racket

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Raro Video
123 Minutes
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United States
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Horror, Exploitation


Cinzia Mambretti, Cristina Moranzoni, Annarita Grapputo, Anna Cuti, Daniela Grassini, Lidia Di Corato, and Nicola De Buono


Carlo Lizzani

Plot Synopsis:

Against the backdrop of a grey smoggy Milan in the 1970's lies the story of 6 teenagers who are victims of a prostitution ring. A series of documentary-like vignettes tell how their own circumstances led them to be entrapped in the horrific world of underage prostitution. From the 13 year old whose grandmother pimps her out to make money for herself to the naïve southern girl who thinks this a good job, to the 16 year old who is rebelling against her parents, the film offers multiple perspectives of underage prostitution. It should be noted that in no way does the movie glamorise the lifestyles of the teenage girls, their pimps and clients. Everything is ruthlessly realistic and ugly – the tears, exhaustion and overwhelming depression of the young women, the abuse they endure from their Neanderthal-like keepers, the repulsive and pathetic clients.

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