Nurse Sherri

Street Date:
Movie Release Year:
Vinegar Syndrome
88 Minutes
Release Country
United States
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Geoffrey Land, Jill Jacobson, Marilyn Joi


Al Adamson

Plot Synopsis:

An evil necromancer has just died, and his restless demon spirit possesses the body of sexy, voluptuous nurse Sherri. Transformed into a maniacal killing machine, Sherri stalks the hospital corridors, turning them blood red with terror and madness. Yet she has no recollection of her gruesome murder sprees, not even when in the arms of her lover, surgeon Peter Desmond. As patients and staff fall victim to the insane bloodlust, the horror of Sherri's possession becomes even more shocking. Her only hope is two friends who must unearth and destroy the necromancer's rotting corpse, thus sending the monstrous spirit back down to hell. But with time running out and Sherri ready to kill again and again, the hospital will experience dying like it has never seen before. INCLUDES BOTH CUTS OF THE FILM.