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American Guns: 13-Part Documentary Series

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Genres: Documentary Series
Plot Synopsis:

It is not known when the first gunpowder charge exploded, sending a projectile down a barrel, to a distant target. But since that moment, firearm designers and manufacturers have been driven to make guns more accurate, with greater stopping power - to increase their rate of fire, improve reliability, ease of operation - to extend their range, portability... and finally, make guns more beautiful. No country has contributed more to the improvement of firearms than America.  

The evolution of guns began when European explorers set foot on the Eastern shore of what would become Florida in the 16th century. With a single shot - fired from a smoothbore musket - guns and America were born and would forever be linked together. This 13-part series shares the history of firearms - which began as a survival tool and became part of the American experience.  

- THE FIRST DOCUMENTARY to film inside the NRA Museum 
- Featuring interviews with historians and firearm experts 
- Detailed examination of the people and companies that changed America and protected freedom 
- Discover advances and applications of civilian and military-grade guns from hunting to sporting and protection to the 21st century soldier. 
- Timeline: From the colonization of America to current warfare 
- DVD + DIGITAL ACCESS provides you with 2 ways to watch!

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    Release Date: February 7th, 2017
    Movie Release Year: 2016
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Mill Creek