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Who Can Kill a Child?

Street Date:
July 10th, 2018
Movie Release Year:
Mondo Macabro
Release Country
United States
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Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Horror


Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome, Antonio Iranzo, Miguel Narros, María Luisa Arias, Marisa Porcel


Narciso Ibáñez Serrador

Plot Synopsis:

On a vacation away from their family, Tom (Lewis Fiander, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde) and his pregnant wife Evelyn (Prunella Ransome, Far From the Madding Crowd) sail to an island off the coast of Spain that seems deserted...until its children emerge from the shadows with the blood of their parents on their hands...and hatred in their hearts for every adult. Also starring Antonio Iranzo, Miguel Narros, and María Luisa Arias.

Technical Specs

  • BRAND NEW 4K RESTORATION of the film from the original camera negative

Video Resolution/Codec

  • 1080p/AVC MPEG-4

Aspect Ratio(s)

  • 1.85:1

Audio Formats

  • Two different English language tracks: the Spanish export version and the U.S. Island of the Damned dub, as well as the Spanish language track


  • English


  • Two options for the opening credits; the longer 'mondo'-style opening of the Spanish/export version and the shorter U.S. Island of the Damned opening
  • Brand new audio commentary by Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan of the Daughters of Darkness podcast
  • Brand new interview with horror historian and critic Kim Newman
  • Archival Spanish TV documentary on the film
  • Archival interviews with director Narciso Ibanez Serrador and cinematographer Jose Luis Alcaine
  • Trailers and radio spots
  • Mondo Macabro previews