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Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series

Street Date:
February 14th, 2017
Reviewed by:
Review Date: 1
February 7th, 2017
Movie Release Year:
4560 Minutes
MPAA Rating:
Release Country
United States

Editor's Notes

'Star Trek: Enterprise' is the 6th series in the 'Star Trek' franchise that has been released on the television airwaves. It's also the last series that has been released on TV, having its run from 2001-2005, meaning it has been twelve years since a 'Star Trek' show has been on the air with new episodes. With the success and popularity of the recent revamped films, it's a shock that no new 'Star Trek' series has been implemented. Well, that's not entirely true. There is a show called 'Discovery' that was supposed to be released sometime this year, but that has been delayed yet again.

Enterprise' is a damn good show, but as the series went on, it lost its way a little bit. It regained some traction in the last couple of seasons, but the damage was done and the show was cancelled. It's unfortunate too, because there was a lot of great things to come out of 'Enterprise'. Even though this series was the most recent series in the 'Star Trek' universe, 'Enterprise' was in fact the very first story so far in the 'Star Trek' realm, taking place even before 'The Original Series', where we met Captain James T. Kirk.

The show followed the very first starship Enterprise and the first voyage into deep space, which was led by Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), and the Vulcan Sub-Commander T'Pol (Jolene Blalock). The show captured some excellent storylines and characters, including the start of the Federation. 'Enterprise' was a great show that ended too soon. I tend to think that it was just the wrong time for the series to air, because now, it would be doing very well with all of the popularity for 'Star Trek'.

Now, all of the seasons of 'Star Trek: Enterprise' have already been released on Blu-ray in individual seasons. Each of those seasons cost roughly $40 per season right now. At the time of writing this review, this whole series is under $80, making this one amazing deal if you don't already own the seasons. As far as I can tell, by comparing my Blu-rays of 'Enterprise' with this new set, the video and audio presentations are the exact same. In addition, all of the extras are imported over here as well from each season, making this an identical release from each previous Blu-ray season. With this set, you get the different packaging with 24 Blu-ray Discs in one case, all for the low price of less than two seasons of them individually. Unless you're a collector, you won't need to re-purchase this series, but if you are still looking for a more affordable option for a great 'Star Trek' series, than this comes Highly Recommended!

Since this whole series set is virtually the same as each individual release from the past, You can click on each season below and read Shannon T. Nutt's reviews for each release. 

The Movie Itself: Our Reviewer's Take

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Season One

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Season Two

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Season Three

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Season Four

The Blu-ray: Vital Disc Stats

'Star Trek: Enterprise' The Complete Series comes with 24 50GB Blu-ray Discs from Paramount that are Region A Locked. Every episode from the 4 seasons of the show, which consist of 97 episodes are here, along with all of the bonus features and audio commentaries from the previous releases. Every disc is housed in an Epik Pak bulk casing, which is taller than the usual Blu-ray cases. There is a leaf inside the hard, clear plastic case that houses all 24 discs with two discs attached to each side of each leaflet. The leaf is removable from the case itself and is not attached. There is an insert with promotions for other whole series Blu-ray sets. There is no digital download code unfortunately here. The reverse cover art has every episode name and all the extras listed. The entire case is housed in a cardboard sleeve.

HD Bonus Content: Any Exclusive Goodies in There?

There are no HD exclusives.

Final Thoughts

Again, 'Star Trek: Enterprise' The Complete Series has been released on Blu-ray before and not all that long ago in individual seasons. Each of those seasons will run you about $40 each season. However, with this new Series set, you will be paying less than half of what it would cost you to buy them all individually, and you get all of the extras and commentaries, along with all episodes from the previous releases. 'Enterprise' was an excellent series that could have gone on longer than it did. It just wasn't the right time. The video and audio presentations are the same from the previous releases, meaning they were great, which means, if you haven't already purchased this set, you need to. Highly Recommended!

Technical Specs

  • 24 50GB Blu-ray Discs

Video Resolution/Codec

  • 1080p/AVC MPEG-4

Aspect Ratio(s)

  • 1.78:1

Audio Formats

  • English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  • Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0
  • French Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0
  • German Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Italian Dolby Digital 5.1


  • English SDH, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish


  • All previously released features

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