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The Perfect Weapon

Street Date:
December 6th, 2016
Movie Release Year:
Release Country
United States
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Action, Thriller, Science Fiction


Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, Sasha Jackson


Titus Paar

Plot Synopsis:

In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state secret government organization run by the Director (Steven Seagal) controls all aspects of life. All enemies of the state are dealt with in the harshest way possible and executed by a secret organization's operatives and assassins. The best operative, code-named Condor (Johnny Messner), is an elite agent and hit man for the corrupt government. But in his latest assignment he fails to eliminate his target and soon finds himself on the run from the very same government agency that made him.

As he starts to question why this particular mission failed, Condor discovers that he's been betrayed and manipulated by the very few people he trusted. This includes Nina (Sasha Jackson), Condor's beautiful ex-girlfriend with an agenda of her own. His revelation sets in motion a chain of events with unimaginable and deadly consequences for everyone involved including the powerful and ruthless Director. On the run and out of time, Condor may just survive the government's attack and his so-called allies' betrayal as he is… The Perfect Weapon.