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Lady Libertine / Love Circles

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Sophie Favier


Gérard Kikoïne

Plot Synopsis:

Lady Libertine - Famed French TV game show hostess Sophie Favier stars in this boldly sexy epic about a cross-dressing teenage orphan named Frank who is adopted by a handsome nobleman with his own strange urges. This 1984 Playboy production ignited an international controversy when Sophie Favier unsuccessfully sued to stop its long awaited re-release. Her court loss is a victory for fans everywhere! Also starring Christopher Pearson, Jennifer Inch, Alain Dumaurier, Emmanuel Karsen, April Hyde, and Eloïse Beaune.

Love Circles - An International Odyssey - From Paris to Rome, Cannes to Hong Kong, and Los Angeles to New York City, the true universal language is lust! In this update of Max Ophüls' scandalous classic La Ronde, a bevy of international beauties complete a chain of liaisons. What is the ultimate act of love between sisters? Starring John Sibbit, Marie-France, Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Pierre Burton, Sophie Berger, Philippe Baronnet, and Michelle Siu.


  • Interview with director Gérard Kikoïne (French with English subs)
  • Gérard Kikoïne introducing Lady Libertine at the Fantasia Film Festival