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Escaflowne: The Movie

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October 18th, 2016
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United States
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Anime, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy


Maaya Sakamoto, Tomokazu Seki, Jôji Nakata

Plot Synopsis:

The story centers on Hitomi Kanzaki, who is tired of life. Depressed and despondent, she wishes that she could just fade away, to make the pain of living stop hurting. Her pain resonates with another on the world of Gaia, and when her wish is granted, she finds herself in a strange land. She is greeted as the legendary Wing Goddess, with the power to summon the legendary Escaflowne. Hitomi’s fate is intertwined with the brash young warrior king Van, who also feels that life has lost its meaning. By summoning Escaflowne, the Wing Goddess will choose a path for Gaia’s future. But will it be salvation…or destruction?