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Mazinger Z: TV Series Vol. 1

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Genres: Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Director: Tomoharu Katsumata
Plot Synopsis:

Koji Kabuto’s grandfather has discovered two resources which can save humanity: Photon Power and the ultra-impregnable Super Alloy Z. However, Dr. Kabuto’s research is abruptly cut off when the evil Dr. Hell sends his trusted lieutenant, the bisected Baron Ashura, to assassinate him! Koji, now orphaned along with younger brother Shiro, swears revenge using Dr. Kabuto’s last and greatest invention: the super robot Mazinger Z! Joined by Dr. Kabuto’s successor, Dr. Yumi, his daughter Sayaka, and her research robot Aphrodite A, Koji sets out to protect Japan from Dr. Hell’s menacing mecha monsters and ensure the peaceful work of the Photon Power Laboratory. Can Koji and Sayaka, along with local bully boy Boss, prevent this most dangerous of villains from running amok and conquering the world? For everybody who’s ever shouted attack names along with their favorite heroes or wished their toys came with a proper rocket punch, Mazinger Z is the must-see starting point in this beloved anime genre. Created by legendary manga artist Go Nagai (Devilman, Getter Robo), Mazinger Z first aired in Japan in 1972 and found success in the US in edited form under the name Tranzor Z. This set contains episodes 1-46 uncut in the original Japanese with English subtitles, making it the first high definition release of the original Mazinger Z in North America.

  • Release Details
    Release Date: October 31st, 2023
    Movie Release Year: 1972
    Release Country: United States
    Movie Studio: Discotek Media
  • Technical Specs
    Length:1150 Minutes
    Video Resolution/Codec:1080p/AVC MPEG-4
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