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Thrillers from the Vault: 8 Classic Horror Films

Thrillers from the Vault: 8 Classic Horror Films front cover
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Genres: Horror, Thriller
Starring: Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, William Phipps
Plot Sypnosis:

The Black Room (1935)

In Tirol in the late 19th century, when twins are born to the ruling Baron de Berghman, the youngest, Anton, is sent away due to a family legend that the youngest twin will kill the oldest. Two decades later, the elder twin, Gregor (Boris Karloff) arranges for Anton's (also Karloff) return so that the brothers may rule their country jointly. Upon Anton's arrival, mysterious disappearances and murders occur -- and when the local peasants accuse Gregor, he assumes his more popular twin's identity.

The Man They Could Not Hang (1939)

Scientist Dr Savaard creates a life-saving artificial heart, but his experiment is interrupted and he is sentenced to hang when the authorities intervene following the death of one his subjects. Savaard promises revenge if he can escape the gallows.

Before I Hang (1940)

Imprisoned for euthanizing a patient, Dr. John Garth (Boris Karloff) spends his time on death row trying to concoct a serum that will reverse the aging process. He injects himself with his potion and miraculously becomes younger, but, unbeknown to him, he is also tainted by the blood of a homicidal maniac that was used in the formula. After his sentence is commuted, Garth returns home to his loving daughter, Martha (Evelyn Keyes), but is soon compelled to go on a murderous rampage.

The Man with Nine Lives (1940)

Missing for ten years, Dr Leon Kravaal has been found. Frozen solid in a block of ice, Kravaal was conducting forbidden experiments in human cryogenics when he became trapped within his own freezer. Thawed out by Tim Morgan and Judy Blair, Kravaal vows to continue his research, using his enemies as guinea pigs.

The Devil Commands (1941)

Overcome by grief after the accidental death of his wife, respected university professor Dr. Julian Blair (Boris Karloff) becomes obsessed with using his experiments to communicate with her. Having captured her brain waves on a machine, Blair must find a receptor for them, and tries using a single live subject. After several failures, Blair quits his university job and hides out in a small New England town, where he adds more unsuspecting subjects -- both alive and dead -- to his experiments.

The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942)

Winnie Slade, a young divorcee, buys an old historic house from nutty Professor Billings (Boris Karloff), who lives there with his daffy housekeeper and bizarre neighbors, in order to convert it into a hotel. She allows them to continue to live on the property - unaware that the Professor continues to experiment unsuccessfully on traveling salesmen, the bodies of whom have filled the cellar. They are joined by a variety of eccentric characters including a quack doctor who doubles as the town's sheriff, Winnie's frenetic ex-husband, an oddball choreographer, a punchdrunk traveling salesman, and a lunatic escapee from the Italian army...

The Return of the Vampire (1943)

In 1918 London, Hungarian vampire Armand Tesla (Bela Lugosi) uses his servant, werewolf Andreas Obry (Matt Willis), to assist in procuring victims. When a friend of Lady Jane Ainsley (Frieda Inescort) becomes Tesla's next victim, Jane and an acquaintance stalk the vampire and kill him by driving a stake through his heart. But 23 years later, a German bomb disturbs Tesla's grave, and cemetery workers restoring the site pull the stake from his corpse, bringing him back to life to seek revenge.

Five (1951)

The world is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Only five Americans survive, including a pregnant woman, a neo-Nazi, a black man and a bank clerk.

Release Details

Movie Release Year: 1951
Tech Specs & Release Details

Length: 559
Specs: 4 x Blu-ray Discs
Video Resolution/Codec: 1080p AVC/MPEG-4
Audio Formats: English: DTS-HD MA 2.0