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Blu-Ray : Highly Recommended
Release Date: October 7th, 2022 Movie Release Year: 2022

Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle - Film Review

Overview -

In the year 2010, nobody knew that there was a fresh filmmaker on the horizon that would change the romantic horror genre forever. Mixing terror with romance, along with a great message about global warming and environmentalism, writer and director James Nguyen delivered Birdemic: Shock and Terror that would quickly reach cult icon status amongst movie fans. In the past 12 years, Nguyen has made his Birdemic trilogy complete with Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle. Not only does it recaptures those original moments of horror, laughter, music, and saving the environment but also reiterates just how much fun a filmmaker and his actors can have to return to their original characters and home base. Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle is a superb blast for all its intended and unintended purposes. Highly Recommended!


Highly Recommended
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Release Date:
October 7th, 2022

Storyline: Our Reviewer's Take


A big question that might come up is if the first two Birdemic films need to be watched before watching Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle. The answer is not necessarily, however, there are some great inside jokes and mentions of previous characters and situations from the previous films. But all three films utilize a romantic relationship, some sort of idea of saving the planet and doing the hard work in creating a better environment for the future, and of course, faux killer birds in the sky. With Nguyen's unique camerawork, and ability to nail all of those protect-the-Earth campaigns within his movies in a delightfully unsubtle way, the use of the killer birds is just a vehicle to translate Nguyen's important message of healing nature. The same protocols are in place with this third movie.

But what makes these films iconic cult movies? Well, these films will not exactly be honored at the Oscars anytime soon. That being said, these films, including Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle are the epitome of guerilla-style B-Movie making at its finest. While most other films of this caliber just rely on gore and one-liners, Nguyen uses the format to get a poignant message across, establish a brilliant romance, and engage in some truly wacky action sequences, while making a memorable piece of cinema that audiences still talk about to this day. And that's something incredible.

With Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle, the franchise has moved on to a gerontologist named Evan (Ryan Lord), who studies aging. He crosses paths with a marine biologist named Kim (Julia Culbert), who meet on the beach and discuss their careers and how to save the planet. Sooner than later, the new duo hit it off and fall in love, where Nguyen writes a fantastic piece of dialogue on what it should mean to be in love and have a Tesla. Now it's no secret that Al Gore's environmental documentary from a few years ago was an inspiration to Nguyen, but Alfred Hitchcock is perhaps the number one influence on these Birdemic films.

And Hitchcock comes flying in from every angle, as Evan and Kim embark on a journey together with Hitchcockian locations and mentions. After another amazing original song and dance sequence with Damien Carter, it's time for those silly, evil birds to do their deeds upon humans and the world. Meanwhile, franchise veteran actor Alan Bagh reprises his role as Rod; he knows the score all too well and has come prepared with some comedy and action.


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Final Thoughts

This is the film Nguyen set out to make directly after his first Birdemic movie and over the years, his planet-saving message still rings true. There are still plenty of great moments to laugh with in this third installment, new characters to love, and of course, more birds to be shocked and terrorized by in all their imperfect glory. James Nguyen is still the maestro of romantic horror with a purpose and let's all hope the Birdemic franchise will live on through more sequels. Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle not only teaches lessons in saving the Earth, but it also acts as a great guide in independent B-Movie making, which when it comes down to it is to have fun, and that's exactly what this movie is - a wonderful blast. Highly Recommended!