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Blu-Ray : Highly Recommended
Release Date: February 4th, 2022 Movie Release Year: 2022

Jackass Forever - Theatrical Review

Overview -

Ever since their first skateboarding videos, the talented and hilarious stuntmen of Jackass brought to life iconic comic book action exclamations words like Boom!, Pow!, and Bang! causing themselves great bodily harm for laughs. That followed an onslaught of television episodes, spin-off series, and three feature-length films that have made hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. As this team of willful misfits grows older with each year, it's truly wonderful and heart-warming to see them still going strong in this fourth installment Jackass Forever. Through more vomit, poop, semen, concussions, and laughs - it's easy to see what's been at the heart and soul of all these movies - the continued true love and friendship this small group of Jackasses has for each other. Jackass Forever is still one of the funniest movies out there after all these years and more than ever the movie we need to see in the theater. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!


Highly Recommended
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Release Date:
February 4th, 2022

Storyline: Our Reviewer's Take


Johnny Knoxville has brought his buddies Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and Ehren McGehey back into the fold, along with some newcomers who watched and loved Jackass when they were little but are now certified stunt-people. Among them is the first Jackass woman, Rachel Wolfson, who is as every bit delightful as she is hardcore with her stunts; one involving a scorpion! It's clear that there's mutual respect and love between both veterans and the newcomers here as the proverbial torch seems to be getting tossed around that is always hugely lit and ready to burn whoever catches it. Once again Jeff Tremaine is back in the director's seat as the guy who is calling all the shots and telling these stunt performers when they can be done for the day, which may cause some anxiety in some to a comedic degree.

Some of the stunts in this fourth film might seem like the same in the previous three outings, but rest assured each POW! and BANG! is more powerful this time around and has even more at stake. Another encounter with a bull proves this point as does a lone toilet out in the middle of nowhere, which leads Dave England to do his business. Not only do the ball shots make for some painful laughter, but these stunts and skits reveal some of the true psychological trauma these people go through to get a laugh and something great on film. The perfect examples revolve around Ehren McGehey who has been through the wringer over the past couple of decades. One has a Silence of the Lambs feel when a room goes dark and the unsuspecting people in this pitch-black room are prodded, electrocuted, and tortured with a variety of sharp objects.

The other is when McGehey is strapped down to a chair and is covered in honey and salmon, only for everyone to leave the room and a giant grizzly bear to enter and start eating off his body. It's truly terrifying and McGehey's face and horrifying expression say it all - and it's comedy gold! A new shining moment is with a newcomer's father, former gang member, and prison inmate known as Dark Shark, who isn't afraid of anything other than birds and bugs. Low and behold, spiders and giant birds come into his life and the results are gut-bustlingly funny.


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Final Thoughts

But through all the vulgar language and shouting at one another, there's always, without fail someone saying they love somebody with hugs and laughter. The bond between these mates is as strong as oak and will never be truly broken because they all share a love for sacrificing their bodies and brains for the good of a joke and a laugh. This element has translated perfectly that anyone of any age can find funny and laugh out loud at. There are a few cameos, some electrifying dance numbers, and a ton of bodily fluids throughout the 95 minutes of screen time, but most of all, the genuine caring and love for this elite team of wonderous idiots and impressive stuntmen is the star of the show. Jackass Forever is utterly fantastic and funny as all get out. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!