Love with the Proper Stranger

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United States
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Comedy, Drama, Romance, War


Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen, Edie Adams, Herschel Bernardi, and Anne Hegira


Robert Mulligan

Plot Synopsis:

Taken for granted by her Italian family, New Yorker Angie Rossini seeks solace in the arms of irresponsible jazz musician Rocky Papasano. She becomes pregnant, but doesn't expect Papasano to marry her; all she wants is enough money to pay for an illegal abortion (this is ten years before Roe v. Wade). Not surprisingly, Papasano is refused a loan by his girl friend Barbie; meanwhile, Rossini is being pressured by her family to marry gormless Anthony Columbo. As the abortion appointment approaches, Papasano begins to feel guilty, but still won't propose. Columbo finds out that Rossini is pregnant, and is willing to make an honest woman of her. Rossini finally makes up her mind what she's going to do and whom she's going to choose when she walks into the seedy abortion clinic. NEW HD Master.