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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series

Street Date:
December 13th, 2016
Reviewed by:
Review Date: 1
December 27th, 2016
Movie Release Year:
4466 Minutes
Release Country
United States

The Movie Itself: Our Reviewer's Take

If you didn't get in on the individual seasons of 'The Twilight Zone' that Image Entertainment and CBS released in 2010, then you might love the idea of them putting every season into one all-encompassing collection. All 156 episodes (across five seasons), their original transfers, and special features are included in this set. For this reason, we will be linking back to our previous reviews of the individual seasons, since they are the exact same as far as content is concerned.

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Blu-ray Vital Statistics

This is a really well put together series set. The only thing it's really missing are the expansive episode list inserts that came with the individual seasons.

Here you get 24 discs that house all 156 episodes of the show, and all the special feature content that was included in the previously released seasons. The discs are packed in double hubs that slightly overlap each other. Two discs to a hub, and they're attached back-to-back, in a group of swinging arms that aren't connected to the case. Not sure why they're free-floating, but it does make it easier to choose a disc in such a confined space.

Each disc lists the episodes that are on it and the season that it belongs to. An episode list is also contained on the inside of the back and front covers. All the discs are housed in an oversized keepcase that also comes with a nicely embossed slipcover. There aren't any special bells and whistles included with this series set, but it includes all essential material.

The Video: Sizing Up the Picture

The Audio: Rating the Sound

The Supplements: Digging Into the Good Stuff

For our individual reviews of the extensive amounts of special features included please visible the following links:

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HD Bonus Content: Any Exclusive Goodies in There?

While there are Blu-ray exclusives on the individual seasons, this release doesn't have exlusives attached to it. It contains all special features that the previous seasons do, but it doesn't have anything special added just because you're buying thee complete series.

Final Thoughts

If you want the full series collection of 'The Twilight Zone' without buying each season individually this is your set. It's exactly the same in every way, except it doesn't contain the case artwork of the individual seasons and it's missing the episode lists they contained. Other than that CBS hasn't removed any of the special features that came with each season (and there are a ton!). This set is highly recommended for those fans that didn't pick up the individual seasons when they were released, but want to get the series eventually.

Technical Specs

  • 24-Disc Set

Video Resolution/Codec

  • 1080p/TBA

Aspect Ratio(s)

  • 1.33:1

Audio Formats

  • English: LPCM Mono


  • TBA


  • TBA

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