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The Unholy Four

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January 10th, 2017
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United States
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Crime, Western


George Eastman, Leonard Mann, Woody Strode, Pietro Martellanza, Helmuth Schneider, and Lucio Rosato


Enzo Barboni

Plot Synopsis:

When a violent gang robs a bank, they also commit arson because the diversion eases their getaway. While the local prison is burning, four of its inmates profit from the general turmoil too. Among the four escapees is Ciakmull, a young man suffering with amnesia, who only remembers about his previous life that he has been home in the town Oxaca. For lack of a better idea all the fugitives go there. It shows that Ciakmull is not forgotten in Oxaca. Lion Udo, the father of one of the bankrobbers, recognises Ciakmull. He, whose clan has a feud with Ciakmull's family, takes advantage of his condition by turning him against his own kin. Before this plan works out, however, Ciakmull is warned on time by one of his fellow fugitives. Soundtrack by Riz Ortolani (Il Sorpasso, Don't Torture a Duckling).

Audio Formats

  • English and Italian Audio tracks with optional English subtitles


  • Reversible (Chuck Mool) cover art
  • Original trailers for Navajo Joe, A Reason to Live A Reason to Die and Sabata